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FormulaPlus.uz -Tires and Wheels.

  • When buying a set of rims, car tires or tires, tire fitting as a gift!

FormulaPlus.uz - Tires and Wheels.

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FormulaPlus.uz - Tires and Wheels.

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FormulaPlus.uz - Tires and Wheels.

  • Pleasant bonuses for regular customers. Buy and receive bonuses from Formulaplus.

Our company has been operating in the tire markets of Uzbekistan for 12 years.

Currently, 18 people work in the Tashkent branch. Our activity began in 1999 with the sale of tires at the auto parts market. In those days, only tires from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine were on sale. After some time, other brands began to arrive. In 2005, they opened a separate tire store imported from Dubai, China, Korea (Nexen, Toyo, Kumho, Marshall, GT, Dunlop, Suntek, Zeetex).

In 2010, they launched direct import and sale of automobile rims from China. We are currently cooperating with brands from China: Keter, Intertrac, Duraturn, Hilo. Since the beginning of 2017 We are negotiating to expand cooperation with the brand NANKANG (Taiwan). At the beginning of 2016, a joint meeting of partners and sub-dealers was held based on the results of 2015. In recent years, the volume of tires sold was: China 70%, Korea 25%, 5% other manufacturing countries. In 2016, a survey of tire sales of other brands was conducted. Due to the lack of other brands on the market, buyers are forced to be content with goods manufactured in the above countries. A survey of our sub-dealers and consumers shows an increased interest in European brands like BELSHINA, in comparison with other brands it meets the requirements of operation, climatic and road conditions of Uzbekistan.

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In 2017, we intend to establish sales of products of world brands in Uzbekistan. Cooperation with European countries is relatively easier than with other Asian countries (China, Korea). In some countries, illegal actions are carried out that do not meet the conditions of the partnership. Taking into account all of the above, we hope and look forward to a long-term and promising cooperation with your company.!

Islombek Mirzakomilov

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